Perfect merino wool sweater by Folletti

What do you say to the classic  # v-neck by folletti? Extremely delicate Italian merino wool sweaters. Wool, which in summer cools the winter heat, anti-allergic and thermoactive.
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Merino wool –
He’s cold in the winter, cool in the summer – is the merino wool really so great?


How it’s working? When the sheep is shaved, the fibers of her bristles continue to straighten when the temperature rises (allowing heat to pass), and at the drop it again rolls (helping to keep the heat). Natural thermal properties, that is adaptation to the prevailing temperature, is a feature that merino wool also retains after treatment.

Why not bite?

Because its fibers are unusually thin (several times thinner than traditional wool) and resilient. At the skin contact they do not hammer, they bend, not irritating the skin. On the surface of the fibers are self-cleaning scales, thanks to which the wool has antimicrobial properties and repels odors.

How to cherish?
Merino wool clothing may sometimes be washed in the middle containing lanolin. Lanolin is a fat that is drained from sheep’s wool, which makes it impossible for the sweat to settle on it permanently, so it does not break down in its fibers (this is what causes bad odor). Lanolin in nature protects wool sheep from getting wet. NEVER use woolen laundry detergents. The powder destroys the fibers and can change the structure of the wool, which loses its elasticity, so the clothing is very easy to pierce (woolly well-cared for). So wool clothes are best to be washed in wool-based laundry.

Of course there are defects (they are probably my husband only); The wool from Merino sheep, however, possesses them. First and foremost, laundry requires more involvement. Washing program of wool in the washing machine, it is from my experience insufficient way to clean it (especially when children wear it). In the washing machine I have at home, the program is super delicate, it consists of soaking and gentle drumming. I put a blouse with a yogurt stain on the washing machine and pull it out with that stain (with the stain). That is why it is best to wash your hands in lukewarm water, or to do so by prewashing if someone dares to put wool in the washing machine. And shrinks when it is improperly treated (contrary to the prevailing opinion, it is not so much the temperature is high, as high turnover, eg during spinning). Wool is also drying for quite a long time, which is sometimes complained to users of thermoactive underwear. With high physical activity (running, cycling, etc.), you can better check synthetic fabrics that evaporate moisture more quickly. Another disadvantage is the high price.
It does not smear sweat and heat even when it is wet. It is thermoactive and not biting, as was already mentioned. It is difficult to get dirty. It’s natural. That’s why I find it ideal for children because they rarely sweat. In the autumn or winter days, merino wool clothing provides adequate body heat without overheating.
You can fall in love with her. I do not know if it’s a flaw or an advantage. Definitely recommend it to those who enjoy thermal comfort and will not sweat above average. It’s perfect for travel – it does not make me sweat and smell bad. And with moderate physical activity. Currently I can not imagine a winter without a woolen shirt and pants, however it sounds … and whatever looks :).
Merino is a species of mountain sheep from Asia, which had to deal with extremely difficult conditions – in the heat of the day, at night with frost, and with strong winds. The species reached the Iberian Peninsula in the 12th century and from there to other European countries (but not until the 18th century). Merino are very esteemed due to the fleece. At present, most of the best quality breeders are located in New Zealand and Australia.



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